Reconstructing a heart

Rachel Moenoa had her first heart valve replacement when she was nine years old. She had a second surgery as a teenager. Last year, she experienced shortness of breath, fatigue and other symptoms that concerned her, so she went to Spring Valley Hospital for help.

Did you know?

In 2003, Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center became the fourth hospital of The Valley Health System and the first acute care hospital to open in southwest Las Vegas. Today, the 292-bed facility offers a comprehensive range of services, including advanced emergency and heart care.

“Rachel was in heart failure,” says Nauman Jahangir, MD, cardiovascular surgeon. The team discovered the valves she received when she was younger were failing because they were too small for an adult. An additional valve was also severely malfunctioning.

The extent of the damage required the team at Spring Valley Hospital to essentially reconstruct her heart.

I’m thankful for Spring Valley Hospital. The staff, the doctors and the nurses that were there to help me through my surgery and recovery.

Rachel Moenoa

The team navigated the challenges of her heart surgery. And now, Rachel is living her life. She’s even making way for a new one. Rachel found out she was pregnant after her surgery. “This is going to be our first girl we’re expecting and my whole family is excited,” she says.

The family welcomed a baby girl in May 2017.