Ten minutes to save a life

Clinical best practices matter. And as Lori Hoopingarner found out, timely response and advanced technology are equally important.

Did you know?

Temecula Valley Hospital has achieved impressive accomplishments since it opened in 2013, including being designated a stroke-ready hospital and STEMI receiving center. Most recently, the hospital achieved designation as a Certified Primary Stroke Center from The Joint Commission. These designations mean Temecula has the advanced services and technology to respond quickly, efficiently and effectively in stroke and cardiac emergencies.

Lori Hoopingarner’s eyesight was blurry.

Increasingly distressed and unable to focus, she warily leaned against the breakfast table.

Lori’s husband suspected that she may be having a stroke (the cut off of blood flow to the brain). Familiar with the symptoms, he asked her to raise her arms. When she couldn’t, he immediately called 9-1-1 and Lori was rushed to Temecula Valley Hospital, a certified advanced Primary Stroke Center.

The team determined that Lori should be given tPA, a clot-busting drug. She was then transported to UC San Diego Health to have the clot removed.

After arriving and completing the procedure, Lori slowly started to recover and regain normal functions. She credits the doctors at Temecula Valley Hospital for their swift, decisive action.

While being treated for the stroke, doctors also discovered two heart defects Lori was not aware of. They continue to monitor her.

They provided phenomenal care and I am here because of them.

Lori Hoopingarner

The exceptional response demonstrated by the Temecula Valley Hospital team and their life-saving resources has turned an unexpected patient into a powerful ally. Lori is now a community advocate and occasionally speaks at the hospital to raise public awareness about stroke symptoms and calling 9-1-1.