On August 13, 2018, UHS announced that its holding company has entered into a definitive merger agreement with Federal Street Acquisition Corp. (FSAC) pursuant to which, FSAC and UHS will form a new, publicly traded company with a new name — Agiliti.



UHS Parts Exclusion Policy

Posted: February 11, 2016

1 The parts in the following categories are excluded:

1.1 Replacement of accessories that are exchangeable or can be installed by users, replacement of consumable items and replacement of glassware.

1.2 Such excluded parts include, without limitation, electrodes, transducers, probes, adaptors, motor brushes, heating elements, patient cables and connectors, paddles, lead aprons, reagents, paper products, rubber goods, membranes, filters, electron/photon guns and tubes, image intensifiers, therapy sources, film, glass, tubing, batteries, styli, writing elements, copier drums, chemistry, cryogens, refrigerant, chart paper, ink, x-ray tubes, TV picture and pickup tubes, photo multiplier tubes, lamps, waveguides, magnetrons, thyratrons, klystrons, cold heads, laser tubes, CRTs and other evacuated glassware, fiber optics and bundles, CCDs, crystals and other similar accessories, disposable and consumable supplies and glassware.

1.3 Permanent magnets, resistive electro-magnets and super conductive magnets and related coils that are no longer able to maintain the required magnetic field needed for usual operation.

1.4 Refrigeration compressors and related sealed refrigeration components and related cameras.

1.5 Replacement of special devices and individually serialized components/sub-assemblies such as nuclear medicine and CT detectors, accelerators, tetrodes, high tension transformers, ion chambers, generators, tables, table tops, power units, flat panel digital detectors, monitors, collimators, hard disk systems, recorders, readers, scanners, printers, spot film units, cassettes, cassette holders/magazines or trays and other similar devices. Individually serialized components will be repaired and maintained in accordance with the assigned coverage code. Replacement of the entire unit(s) is excluded.